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Temat: zabawa
" />Witam mam prośbę ma juz managera zuzlowego ale zupelnie inna wersje znudzila mi sie juz troche;) teraz pobralem speedway rider manager 2 ale mam problemy z kasiorka prosilbym zeby ktos...
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Temat: Kod źródłowy Speedway Rider Manager 1
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Temat: Speedway Rider Manager 2.1
... byc tylko zeby widziec jak jada koledzy i samego siebie a nie ze sie samemu steruje bo to bez sensu a to wkoncu SRM- Speedway Rider MENAGER!! sama nazwa mowi
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Temat: Pomocy!
" />Kto poradzi mi jak grać w Speedway Rider Manager 2 ?? Proszę o pomoc bo sam nie umiem bo nie wiem poprostu jak grać. Pomocy !!
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Temat: Pytanie
" />Ten trening się jak na razie spisuje bardzo dobrze, ale testowany tylko na Speedway Rider Manager v. 2.0.3
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Temat: Speedway Rider Manager 1
" />Speedway Rider Manager 1 istnieje jako Speedway Player Manager.
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Temat: Speedway Rider Manager 2.1
" />SPEEDWAY RIDER Manager. Tak powinno się akcentować nazwę.
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Temat: Nicki "Power" Pedersen - Stal Gorzów 2010
" />Nicki Pedersen zawieszony "> From: http://www.elite-eagles.com Eastbourne rider Nicki Pedersen has been hit with a six-month suspension, which is to be suspended for six months. A press release has been ... lodged to the CDI by the FIM Executive Board to impose further sanctions against Danish rider Nicki Pedersen for the offence of bad behaviour against Speedway Grand Prix Race Director Ole Olsen during the running of the Speedway World Cup event held in Reading, Great Britain, on July 22. * ** *'Present at the hearing were Mr Alexander Gontard, CDI President, and Ole Olsen as witness. Neither Nicki Pedersen nor his team manager Jan Staechmann were present or represented.* ** *'The CDI took the following decisions: * ** *Click "Read More" below for...
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... v1.0.2 -Ski Jumping Platinum 2008 v1.0 -Soccer Pinball v1.0 -Speedway 3D v1.0 -The Da Vinci Code Helix v1.0.3 -Undercity v1.0 Tresć widoczna tylko dla zarejestrowanych użytkowników. Kliknij tutaj aby się zarejestrować...
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Temat: Rune Holta = Stal Gorzów
... oki Hehe. Nie było ? Ostatnio odchodził taki szwed do Ostrowa i było niemal identycznie. Co ciekawe, w tym samym temacie brytyjskiego forum, jako przykład na Speedway-mad” Poland(piękne określenie, bardzo mi...
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Temat: Tomasz Gollob
" />There is no doubt Poland are the superpowers of world speedway. They have won four FIM Speedway World Cups, five World Under-21 Team Cups and produced five World Under-21 champions in the last decade. There is one summit the nation's finest have failed to scale for 37 years - speedway's answer to Everest. But it's now purely a matter of when and not if Poland's most successful speedway son Tomasz Gollob finally takes his place on top of the shale sport world. There are many terms to describe the 24-point maximum which ... event against the best 15 riders on the planet is hard enough as it is. Finding seven incredible starts or fighting through to the front against opposition who so rarely make mistakes is a testament to Gollob's consistency. But doing it on a night blighted by heavy rain, when even the best of riders were fighting furiously to keep their bike set-ups ... exciting and watchable riders in the sport, his experience means he also knows his bike back to front and inside out. To give you some idea of his level of experience, Gollob is one of only three SGP riders who appeared in the old one-off World Finals prior to the Grand Prix series being founded in 1995. World champion Jason Crump appeared ... of just how long the eight-time Polish champion has been trying to lift speedway's biggest prize. When I asked his manager Thomas Gaszynski if he thought this was his man's year, ... Speedway is not just a sport in Poland; it's bordering on a religion. As a result, Gollob is not just a speedway celebrity; he is a celebrity full stop. I was ... toss away the tag of 'greatest rider never to win the World Championship' and enjoy the rest of his life simply being known as one of speedway's all-time greats. Text: Paul...
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